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Hassco Industries

Manufacturer Website Design

When it was time for Hassco to re-design their website, they called on Impulse Studios for the second time. After a highly acclaimed initial re-design, Impulse Studios stepped it up, improving more than just the design, but measurable metrics as well.

Hassco Website - A Better Product Showcase

Easier to Navigate

Hassco needed an easier way for customers to navigate their website. In addition to organizing their products by specification, we also organized their products by common industry uses, such as farming & construction.

Hassco Website - Enhanced product details including inquiry option & detailed renderings

More Information

Impulse Studios completely re-designed the information for each product. This included 3D renderings of each tank, including detailed labelling & specifications. All information is also provided in a convenient portable PDF format. Finally, customers can launch a product inquiry directly from the product page.

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