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Aquatic Informatics

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Aquatic Informatics ROI Sales Calculator

Content Managed
The calculator is fully content managed allowing for customization of inputs, formulas, and outputs.
Custom Input Types
Customized input types allow users to easily input data in a way that makes sense.
Real Time Data Output
Data is output in real time as users make changes to their parameters.
Aquatic Informatics ROI Calculator

Discover how Aquatic Informatics, a water data management software company leveraged Impulse Studios to create a versatile ROI sales calculator integrated seamlessly with Marketo, empowering lead generation through dynamic data gathering and automated integration for enhanced sales leads.

Aquatic Informatics needed a dynamic calculator to help convert inbound leads from their website. Impulse Studios worked with them to ensure we built a complete solution that was not only flexible enough to handle many different data scenarios, but also seamlessly integrated with their Marketing Automation platform, Marketo.

ROI Sales Calculator
ROI Sales Calculator

A Content Managed Solution

Many similar calculators are custom built based on the specific information that needs to be gathered. Instead we built a system which enables Aquatic Informatics to build as many calculators as they wish through a simple drag-and-drop interface. They add inputs, write the formula, display the results, then choose how those results are processed using their marketing automation system.

Once a calculator is built, it can be used as a standalone page, or embedded in any website easily using an embed code.

Multiple Input Options
Multiple input options allow users to input data in a way that makes sense for each data type.
Draggable Sliders
Draggable Sliders make for straight forward range inputs.
Real-time calculations based on the input data
Custom Business Calculator Dynamic Values

Data Gathering

Data is gathered from the visitor and computed in real time, so they can see how the changes in their information lead to real world savings.

Lead Generation

Leads are automatically inserted into Marketo or another marketing automation platform, along with the input and calculated data from the calculator, giving sales the pre-qualified data they need to close new leads.

Lead Fields
Customized lead fields capture the customer's data into the marketing automation platform for further use.
Get More Leads
Generates qualified leads with industry specific data from the calculator 
ROI Calculator Lead Generator

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