Racer X Media Kit
Racer X Media Kit

Case Study:

Racer X Media Kit

Calling out key statistics allows Racer X to show their unique position in the market.
Visual Storytelling
Engaging visuals from an extremely photogenic sport help engage visitors looking to advertise with Racer X.
Global Navigation
Structured navigation allows users to quickly find the products they're looking for.
Racer X Media Kit Website

The Racer X media kit is a key tool for their Advertising and Sales Department to close new business, and to showcase new offerings to their long-term advertising partners, and to drive inbound leads.

Impulse Studios worked closely with them to strengthen advertiser engagement and expedite internal workflow with easy-to-use content upload options, and a data-led content strategy to drive conversion. 

Lead Generation

With select pages gated behind a lead generation form, the advertising and sales team are able to curate warm leads to follow up on, while maintaining easy access to information for both new and existing advertisers.

Integrated lead generation
Integrated lead generation

By The Numbers:

Data Driven Decisions 

By taking a data-driven approach in their content strategy, the tools created by Impulse Studios tell a story of a brand with tremendous support from motocross fans, a reputation of dominance in the industry, and of a long and deep-rooted history of trust in the Racer X magazine and brand.

Visitor Stats
User views on race days and regular days informs advertising opportunities.
Behavioral Data
Additional user behavioral data gives an inside look into customer opportunities.
Statistics showing an engaged website audience.
Stats, Stats, Stats...
Statistics show Racer X's dominance in the sport.
Testimonials from subscribers make the case of a well-liked brand.
The history of the company tells the story of loyalty to the sport and the boundaries that are consistently pushed.
Website telling a compelling sales story
Demographic info helps advertisers tailor messaging based on their customer segment.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Statistics and demographics are used strategically to re-enforce the high engagement level of visitors, along with their dedication to the sport, making Racer X the place for endemic advertisers to wisely invest their money.

Sponsored Opportunities, Simplified

Advertising and partnership benefits are clearly articulated, alongside an impressive suite of impactful advertising channels - all within a one-stop-shop approach.

The scope of offerings and data on ROI makes it easy for the Racer X sales team to build trust and close leads.  

List of benefits and advertising opportunities
List of benefits and advertising opportunities
Dimensions and specs page
Dimensions and specs page

Streamlined Submission and Design Saves Time And Effort

A dynamic ad uploader and processor, along with detailed dimensions and specifications make it easy for advertisers to submit the right creative the first time, saving time and headache for designers and managers on both sides.

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