what we do and how we do it.


working together to
understand the


Before your project begins we work with you to develop a strategy & define the project. Initial planning meetings help us to understand what you & your users expect. From there, we can help you to understand how we will achieve it.

Information Architecture

Websites & Web Applications are complex entities. Information Architectures are blueprints that help all stakeholders best understand how the finished product will function, what users will experience, and how everything fits together.


refining the user

Interface Design

Web Application & Website Design are about more than just beautifully crafted interfaces; they are about functionality & usability. Through every step of the design process, we consider how the site will work & how visitors will use it to ensure the end result is a product that will exceed your expectations.

Multi-Screen Design

The internet that was only accessed on computers is fading into the post PC world. We have clients who are seeing over 30% of their traffic from smart phones & tablets. Websites that respond to different screen sizes and display content perfectly formatted for varying devices improve user experiences & that means more conversions.


Projects that come to us from the startup phase need more than just interactive design, they need a logo & branding to match. We work with startups to finely tailor logos & brands that speak to their target demographics.


constructing functional,
accessible, beautiful

Content Management

Being able to manage content in an simple & intuitive manner is paramount to publishing new content & keeping your website up to date. Impulse Studios works to make the process as easy as possible, whether you require an open source solution or something more one-off.

Custom Applications

Custom web based applications allow our clients to streamline management activities, gather & organize information, or suit a variety of other needs. We develop intuitive applications through user testing & extensive research to determine how to best align the application with your workflow.

Mobile Development

Developing for mobile devices & smaller screen sizes with touch interfaces requires a different approach than designing for desktops. Impulse Studios works to develop mobile websites which work across a wide array of devices & leverage advanced technologies available in the latest devices.


Handling transactions online requires special steps both to create trust with users & to remain secure. Impulse Studios is well versed in PCI Compliance & its requirements, which helps us to safely secure transactions online to help keep you protected.


successfully launching
your project to
the world


Before we launch your site to the world, we set aside time to go through your new website in person or virtually to make sure you understand how everything works. Our training helps make the transition to your new website as simple as possible & helps you get the most out of your project.


It used to be that content delivery networks were reserved for the big guys; now every website we host gets optimized for the fastest delivery. Faster pages mean happier visitors, no matter what size your project. Whether its getting 100 or 500 000 views a day, we can help you make sure your website is always running.


Impulse Studios works at launch time to get your new website up and running without any hiccups. We also work with you to manage the feedback and response from visitors regarding your new site so we can identify any tweaks & adjustments that need to be made.

Measuring Success

Measuring success comes in a lot of forms, from your company & your users’ satisfaction, to quantitative numbers such as conversions & visits. We don’t consider your website a success because we delivered what we said; we consider it a success through measurable metrics & business improvement.


keeping your project
ahead of the curve

Analytics & Monitoring

Our commitment doesn’t stop at the delivery; Impulse Studios continually monitors metrics for your website to recognize areas for improvement, successes, & to make recommendations on what you should be doing next.


Successful websites are constantly evolving; that means new content, minor tweaks, & updates. Impulse Studios can help keep your website up to date & at the forefront of technology through planned maintenance, upgrades, & content management.