Nicky Hayden - MotoGP Website Design

Nicky Hayden

MotoGP Website Design

Nicky Hayden’s Team approached Impulse Studios to build a new website for the Ducati MotoGP world champion. We worked with Nicky and his team to produce a design that reflected both the energy of MotoGP racing & the refined, unmistakable design of Ducati.

Nicky Hayden - Timeline - Visually Enhanced, Easier to Follow

Refined Design

Impulse Studios carefully crafted a more refined design for Nicky’s website. The website has much cleaner lines, improved flow, & content readability is improved.

Nicky Hayden - Easier to Read & Navigate News Section

Increased Usability

The navigation & flow of the website were two areas that needed attention. The new website is easier to navigate with features like ever-present navigation, and an intelligent sidebar, which provides further reading & other areas of interest.

Nicky Hayden - Video Section


Finally, we wanted to let Nicky’s personality shine through. We centrally integrated his Twitter feed allowing his tweets to show up throughout the site. Through videos, Nicky’s own photos, & an Ask Nicky section, visitors are able to better connect with Nicky.