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Race Results
The latest race results and upcoming races are kept front and centre making them easily accessible.
Main Navigation
Global navigation to access the breadth of information available.
Photography First
Large imagery takes advantage of the photogenic sport.
Many sponsorship and advertising options.
Conventional display ad units.
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The World's Leading Source

For Motocross & Supercross News

Since 2008, Impulse Studios has provided Racer X with a user-focused web platform, which features cohesive & simple navigation through an incredible volume of content published each day.

Embedded visually rich content, connected post and articles, and a time-saving back-end system work together to give advertisers, fans, riders, and importantly Racer X staff an easy-to-navigate experience that works efficiently and drives engagement. 

2.5 Million
visits per month

Articles & Posts

Publishing and Sharing High Volumes of Content Quick & Easy With New Website

The engine that powers Racer X is a robust content system, which enables their editorial staff to efficiently publish a wide range of content on a daily basis. A novel content builder expedites previously time-consuming tasks like building posts with video, imagery, galleries, and more, all while dynamically showcasing results, race schedules, TV broadcast schedules, and rider info. This allows the team to create rich content for users using a quick and efficient process. 

Advanced Content Builder

Drag-and-Drop for Dynamic Content Creation 

An advanced block-based 'drag-and-drop' builder helps editorial staff to quickly assemble posts. With tools including simple image, gallery, and video blocks, as well as complex blocks that dynamically pull together content like results, race schedules, TV broadcast info, and rider details, Racer X can embed a variety of content mediums directly inside their posts.

Advanced block based content builder
Advanced block based content builder
Article header with large imagery.
Article header with large imagery.

Photography First

Elevating Engagement with Captivating Imagery

Dynamic, image-based content drives engagement, and the photographers working with Racer X are amongst the top in sport, providing a wealth of incredible photography.  Showcasing imagery front and center, provides a rich visual experience with each article.

Rider Integration

Connecting the Dots: Rider News At Your Fingertips

With so many skilled riders, embedded automations work behind the scenes to identify each time a rider is referenced in a post or article, and pull additional bio content along with results, standings, and other article features.

Article with automatically linked content to provide additional context.
Article with automatically linked content to provide additional context.

avg. time on site

The Leading Source for Motocross Results

With the design and expertise of Impulse Studios, the Racer X website has become the leading source for results from across a wide range of off-road series and races including Pro Motocross, Supercross, MXGP, and more. The results and standings pages experience extremely high levels of traffic, and are heavily optimized from a search engine and automation standpoint, helping the editorial staff to be highly efficient with their time.

Contextual Navigation
Central contextual navigation opens up a whole world of race results
Dropdown menus let users easily get to individual moto and qualifying results.
More Than Just Results
Further information is available about each rider
Advertising opportunities for sponsors.
Automated motocross race results

A Robust System

Enhancing Articles and Results With a Comprehensive, Winning System

The race results system on Racer X contains a wealth of information about each race, which is viewable via the races and results pages of the site, as well as directly embeddable in articles whenever race results or points are referenced for extra context.

A wide range of advertising options

Diverse Advertizing Solutions,Amplified Engagement

Advertisers are key customers for Racer X, and Impulse Studios works closely with the the magazine's advertising and marketing departments to provide them with a wide and robust range of options to maximize visibility and engagement. Choices range from standard impression deals to sponsorships, with options in display, text, and video advertising across the website.

Increased Revenue Opportunities

High-Conversion Advertising Opportunities, Happy Advertisers

A comprehensive sponsored content package creates high-reward advertising opportunities, with exposure through consistent content every week, and visibility throughout the site.

Display Ads
Conventional display ad units frame the stories, creative stickied ads provide added value.
Sponsored Content
Advertisers are given an uninterrupted voice on content which they sponsor.
Social links
Sponsor logo
Article Sponsorship

Racer X Network Advertising

Pioneering Partnerships: Impulse Studios and Racer X Innovative Network Advertising Program

Impulse Studios worked with Racer X to create a first-of-its-kind network advertising program for endemic businesses including dealers, tracks, and performance shops. This program allows these organizations to provide Racer X to their customers, while receiving profile pages on Racer X for their business, and includes geo-targeted advertising, and other benefits for their shop which only Racer X can provide.

Services Provided

Strategy Web Design Custom Web Development Content Management Search Engine Optimization Custom Programming

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