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Racer X Magazine

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Racer X Subscription Manager

Racer X is known for the biggest stories, by the best journalists in the sport, and to keep their subscribers happy, they needed a subscription management system that was flexible, efficient, and easy to use.

Their award winning digital edition, now combined with a powerful sales and marketing tool was designed to increase recurring revenue, enable marketing automation, and optimize back-end reporting and analytics, making the subscriber and user journey simple and frictionless.

Custom offers on any medium
The back end portal complements print and digital magazine ads to drive subscription purchases and renewals
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Custom Offers & Frictionless Payments

The new subscription management system lets RacerX's marketing and circulation teams to easily create & track new offers, special pricing, and gifts on demand.

Renewals are made easy by leveraging industry leading payment tech, enabling users to choose how to pay, while automatic renewals increase recurring revenue and decrease marketing costs.

Custom offers on each subscription page
Custom offers on each subscription page

Time is Money:

Leveraging Automation & Efficiencies

With a high volume of subscribers all navigating different state and country subscription parameters, renewal terms, promo offers, and more, turning large volumes of information into streamlined and actionable data sets is key, and the new subscription management system does just that.

Communication with existing subscribers regarding their subscription status including receipts, running drip campaigns after sign-up to familiarize themselves with the magazine as well as renewal efforts can be planned and scheduled, easily customizing customer journeys and communication preferences.

Easily build new pages, offers, and emails with the drag and drop page builder.
Easily build new pages, offers, and emails with the drag and drop page builder.

Build, Launch, Report

A robust suite of tools makes managing subscriptions, customer service, and inquiries easy. The page builder allows for infinite custom subscription offer pages with unique content and design features right alongside subscribe forms, decreasing attrition in the sales funnel.

Reporting on subscriber data like purchase history can be sorted by time, geography, offer, or subscription origin, while additional reporting options using the custom integrated report generator are quick and easy to build.

EMail, Snail Mail, or SMS

Options for digital communication by email (and soon by SMS) using a drag-and-drop builder with merge variables allow for easy message creation, while In-Design templates along with mail merge functionality ensures designers have the power to generate print marketing that hits the mark, as legacy letter mail still acts as a key driver of sales.

Clever integrated features like a barcode scanner to pre-populate print subscription renewals, and a bulk uploader for third party sales allows Racer X to partner within the industry like no other. 

Professional front & back end subscription portal
Design templates makes it easy to communicate with subscribers, and gives a polished visual experience
Subscription management marketing automation e-mails

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