Racer X Digital Magazine
Racer X Digital Magazine

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Racer X Digital Magazine

As readers move from physical to digital publications, Racer X is always looking for the best way to keep up with reader demands, while still sharing visually rich photo, video, and feature content. Impulse Studios worked with Racer X to re-launch their digital magazine, providing not only a trusted venue for fans to engage with articles and imagery, but an opportunity for their advertisers to engage in a better way. 

The digital magazine combines a rich technical and visual experience, but remains true to the trusted brand readers are used to with the physical magazine, which led to an increase of subscriptions in an otherwise tumultuous print industry.

Print Cover
The digital cover is designed to closely align with the print cover for each issue.
Digital Cover
Responsive cover that fits any screen size, in both landscape and portrait orientations.
Racer X Digital Magazine Cover

Dynamic Covers

Digital covers come alive as users are drawn into the magazine. While keeping the feel of the original print cover, captivating photos are responsive to screen size, and leverage the best of the original cover design, while leveraging the best digital experience. 

Feature Stories Come to Life

The print version of the magazine includes beautifully designed feature articles each month. A flexible set of content builder tools allow the Racer X team to quickly and easily translate these articles to the digital magazine with no code experience necessary. 

subscriber readership

Subscribers are reading more content than ever online, with over 10% more Racer X subscribers accessing their digital edition each month over the print edition. This increase alone is impressive, but they're also staying and reading content at a staggering increase of up to 6 times more often than the previous digital version.

In previous digital versions, subscribers accessed the magazine issue, but read very little; the new digital magazine provides a better overall experience, and showcases the content in a way that sees subscribers engaging at much higher rates.

Impulse Studios has exceeded our expectations on everything they have ever worked on

Bryan Stealey President Filter Publications

Engaging Full Screen Advertisements

Advertisers get first-class treatment with the digital edition. Large ads and spreads can be implemented quickly, with options to link directly to products, and include a complementary call-to-action button. 

For more complex advertiser asks, videos, multiple element galleries, and even full catalogs can be embedded within the digital magazine.

ad interaction

Increased readership along with improvements to the advertising offerings including more interactive ads have lead to a dramatic increase in ad conversion.

Digital Magazine Subscription Paywall
Digital Magazine Subscription Paywall

Digital Subscription Paywall

An integrated paywall allows all users to easily preview each issue, and subscribe when their interest is piqued. A flexible call to action allows for customization with the latest issue covers and premium giveaway offers.

More Subscribers


With previews of articles and tested calls-to-action to subscribe, Racer X now sees 3 times as many new subscriptions coming from visitors previewing their digital edition than they did previously.

Easy to build articles

Articles with recurring design elements each month are templated into the content builder, so they can be easily and consistently repeated with each issue. The content and imagery is easily updated, creating a rich visual experience with minimal time expenditure for the magazine designers.

Services Provided

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