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Racer X Online

Website design & development

After working with Impulse Studios for three years, it was time to develop a new version of Racer X Online, the most important web property in Motocross & Supercross. Impulse Studios worked closely with Racer X from needs assessment to final delivery. Here are some of the highlights.

Enhanced User Experience

Impulse Studios brought a total overhaul to the Racer X Online platform, with largely positive reviews on launch. We provided a user focused platform, which features cohesive & simple navigation through the huge amount of content published each day.

Increased Revenue Opportunities through Scrolling Ads

Increased Revenue Opportunities

Scrolling ads mean targeted sponsored content stays in view of the user for the entire article, not just the top few paragraphs. Site skins provide a high click-through rate for advertisers looking to kick their campaigns up a notch.

Increased Revenue Opportunities through Feature Content Soponsorship

Scrolling ads combined with a comprehensive sponsored content package create high reward advertising opportunities for advertisers.

Integrated Magazine Subscriptions Development

Integrated Subscriptions

A tightly integrated subscription system allows articles on the website to be linked to articles in the magazine, & makes it easy for users to subscribe to the magazine using their saved profile information.

Integrated Subscriptions through Geolocated Dealers

An innovative new dealer program provides industry dealers who sell Racer X with significant advertising value on Racer X, including Geo-Targeted advertising in stories & custom dealer pages.

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