Foresight Cleantech Accelerator
Foresight Cleantech Accelerator

Case Study:

Foresight Canada New Website 

Big Calls to Action
Bold call to action, highlighting the urgency of their mission.
Mega Menus
Detailed global navigation with fly-out menus for better comprehension.
Bi-lingual Support
With operations across the country, and close ties to government, support for both English and French is necessary to do business in Canada.
Foresight Cleantech Website

Foresight Canada, a national accelerator supporting the transition to a net-zero economy reached out to Impulse Studios to rebuild their out-dated and inflexible website into a highly customizable, well organized, and visually engaging solution.

With numerous customer groups all accessing different information on desktop and mobile, the new website needed to quickly triage visitors to the information they need, and organize a high volume of content into an organized user-experience. 

Built To Evolve & Adapt

Highly Impactful, Highly Customizable, Highly Efficient

Foresight had re-launched their WordPress website just over a year before contacting Impulse Studios, but found it didn't still meet their needs. Limited options for layout, colour, font size, and imagery made it difficult and expensive to update, with almost all changes needing web developer support, which was untenable for a non-profit business. 

We worked with them through a rigorous discovery process to identify what was working, let go of what wasn't. The result was a newly built custom website with a feature set that better met their expectations, and provided an easier, faster in-house editing experience.  

Custom block based website layout
Custom block based website layout

Custom Blocks Built-In 

Maximizing Output, Minimizing Headaches

As a non-profit, Foresight seeks to balance a website that is professional and visually rich in design and structure, with a system that keeps their staff time usage to a minimum. A suite of customizable built-in blocks gives each page a unique look, and the proprietary drag-and-drop builder greatly reduced staff time spent both building from scratch and editing. 

The new website is customizable, easy to use for non-developers, and doesn't sacrifice usability for speed. What used to take me 4 hours to build, now takes 15 minutes! 

Samantha Lego Director of Marketing

Showcasing Success

The stats speak for themselves

Foresight has an impressive list of business successes that are metrics driven. Showcasing statistics in relevant, distributed locations was a key request, but we needed to ensure that updating those stats didn't become a headache.

With custom statistics blocks, updating them once means they update seamlessly across the website, keeping things consistent and accurate, and saving hours of time versus the previous manual process. 

Dynamic statistics that are centrally updatable.
Dynamic statistics that are centrally updatable.

Custom Microsites Built-In

Adding Flexibility for the Suite of Sub Brands  

Balancing Foresight's parent-brand with their suite of sub-brands had been a challenge with their old, rigid website. They wanted a unique look for each sub brand, while still integrating visually with the main Foresight visual look and appeal. 

Custom colour options for sub-brand pages, additional logo blocks, and easily editable block builders ensure a well managed brand experience across the site. 

Secondary Logos
Custom logo options help differentiate from the main brand.
Keeping the Main Brand
The main brand and navigation stays to keep everything under the same umbrella.
Customized Colours
Custom sub brand colour options allow for the different brand personalities.
Customizable embedded microsites

faster page load

When it comes to the web, speed matters. Decreasing the time users had to wait increased the number of pages they viewed by 38% and increased click thru rates by 31% from search engines, which use page speed as a key ranking indicator.

Hubspot On Board

Putting marketing automation at the center

With Hubspot as Foresight's tool of choice, we worked to integrate it seamlessly into the website. Hubspot forms can be easily added anywhere without code, matching the the website branding effortlessly, and providing extra tracking for the marketing team to get much more granular with their acquisition strategies. 

Hubspot Built-In
Hubspot forms are automatically styled to match the website.
Automatic Hubspot form integration with no-coding required.

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Discovery & Strategy Web Design Custom Web Development Hubspot Development Search Engine Optimization

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