DK Orthotic Solutions
DK Orthotic Solutions

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DKOS Website & Marketing Automation

Main Navigation
Sport-specific navigation lets customers easily identify how orthotics can help improve their performance.
Secondary Navigation
Secondary navigation helps tell the DKOS story, and identifies how they are a market leader.
Calls to Action
Key calls to action allow prospective customers to find more information and contact an expert for a consultation.
Sport-specific pages explain how orthotics can help with the unique demands of various sports.
DKOS Orthotics Website Design

DKOS, an Ontario-based custom sport orthotics clinic approached Impulse Studios with a request to streamline their online presence, drive engagement with their customers throughout their journey, and better understand how to generate inbound leads by leveraging technology applications and digital marketing solutions.

After an Impulse Studios-led discovery session, we provided a comprehensive plan that started with a website remodel to better showcase the brand and service offerings. This was complemented by a robust marketing automation plan to greatly reduce staff time spent building and maintain relationships with clients, while maximizing retention and customer satisfaction. 

Services Provided

Strategy Web Design Web Development Marketing Automation Email Marketing Competitive Analysis Search Engine Optimization

Custom orthotics web page
Custom orthotics web page


better results with A FASTER WEBSITE

Faster page-loading, better SEO, and a user-first approach to design. Understanding DKOS' customers led to a new website which loads swiftly, is designed with a more intuitive layout, and shares more detail about their process to develop customized sport-specific orthotics.

By leveraging a user-focused design strategy when it comes to content and layout, the new website saw an increase in visitors reaching out to learn more about orthotic services from DKOS.

conversion rate

Inline Contact Forms


Inline contact forms catch prospective patients while they're reviewing specific product offerings. Their information is then sent to DKOS so they can quickly reach out to each patient and provide the best follow-up experience possible.

Custom website contact forms
Custom website contact forms
Athlete Bios
Athlete Bios


Not your grandparents' insoles

DKOS orthotics are custom-made to support peak performance for top competitors and recreational athletes alike.

Profiles featuring professional athletes embedded within the sport specific pages underscore how DKOS helped them compete at their best, and shows credibility in the athletics industry.

MobiLE Optimization

Athletes on the move need a website that goes with them

A seamless experience on small, medium, and large screens allows DKOS to convert customers on the go, in the office, or at home. 

DKOS Orthotics Mobile Website Design
DKOS Orthotics Mobile Website Design

Increasing Conversions Through Tailored Landing Pages 

A Big Score With Targeted Ads

Prospective customers want to find what they're looking for quickly. Geo-targeted ads leveraging specific search terms relevant to DKOS and their clients are able to quickly triage users across different sports and geographic service areas to custom landing pages. With targeted ads and optimized landing pages for Google Adwords campaigns, DKOS saw increased conversions on paid search results.

DKOS Mailchimp Email Marketing Automation
DKOS Mailchimp Email Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Saving Time: Efficiency in motion

Through marketing automation, DKOS can provide excellent ongoing care throughout the orthotics lifecycle. Automated emails are scheduled based on a variety of parameters including their orthotics pick-up date. These emails share helpful instructions and tips, like how to break in your new orthotics, how to select the best shoes, and even alert users when it is time to have their orthotics inspected or replaced.

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