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Print isn't going anywhere, but more and more readers are choosing flexibility when it comes to how they consume magazines in the digital age. 

Impulse Studios' proprietary digital magazine platform gives users a smooth reading experience that stays true to the look and feel of a magazine, while incorporating value-added content capabilities. 

Racer X Magazine print and digital cover, side by side
Racer X Magazine print and digital cover, side by side

Good Reads Drive Great Returns

Ads are an essential part of any print magazine, including digital; but users don't want to flip or scroll through pages of ads to get to the content they want. Advertizers get first-class treatment with the digital edition.

Large ads and spreads can be integrated seamlessly, with options to link directly to products, and include call-to-action buttons. Even the most complex advertiser asks like integrated video, multiple element galleries, and full catalogs can be embedded with our online magazine creator, giving advertisers the tools they need to reach their audience.

Digital magazine ad seamlessly integrated with magazine content 
Digital magazine ad seamlessly integrated with magazine content 

ad interaction

The digital magazine analytics show that increased readership along with improvements to the advertising offerings including more interactive ads have lead to a dramatic increase in ad conversion.

Custom subscription offers,  paywalled content
Custom subscription offers,  paywalled content

Build, Launch, Report

Magazine layouts can be challenging, but our no-code required content builder makes it easy to publish recurring and repeatable content, easily update, and maintain the look and feel that users have come to expect.

Once published, an integrated paywall gives users a preview, and helps to convert readers into subscribers with custom offers and premium giveaways.

Back end reports on reader behaviors like time-on-page, click throughs, and other ad performance reports are quick & easy to build. 

More Subscribers


With previews of articles and tested calls-to-action to subscribe, our digital magazine platform has led to 3 times as many new subscriptions from visitors previewing their digital edition than they did previously.

Full Serve or Self Serve

Whether you have an in-house technical team, or you want us to help; we offer options for both full and self service production using the interactive magazine builder. 

Our team has worked with print and digital publishers for over 15 years, and is ready to bring their experience to scale your digital audience. 

Drag and drop magazine builder and editor 
Drag and drop magazine builder and editor 

Engaging User Experience

Typical flip-style digital magazine publishing platforms can be difficult to use and read, with the constant animated page turns interrupting the flow of content and visuals on a page. 

Impulse Studios' proprietary digital magazine builder integrates seamless scrolls with eye-catching photos and video to make content consumption easy, increasing time on page and creating even more value for advertisers. Compared to previous digital versions where subscribers access a magazine issue, but read very little; our online magazine maker provides a better overall experience, and showcases the content in a way that sees subscribers engaging at much higher rates.

subscriber readership

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