City of Sarnia
City of Sarnia

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City of Sarnia Wordpress Theme

Prominent search functionality makes content easy to find.
Deep Navigation
Clearly segmented and organized content. Makes navigating a website with a significant amount of content straightforward.
High priority time-sensitive information, is presented first to ensure users are kept up-to-date.
Simplified global navigation, ensures users can find what they're looking for quickly and efficiently.
City of Sarnia Website

The City of Sarnia, a small Canada-USA border-city in located in Ontario's SouthWest and known for its petrochemical industry and emerging cleantech hub trusted Impulse Studios to optimize its online presence with a custom WordPress theme. By leveraging mobile-first design and features like built-in Gutenberg blocks, the City of Sarnia was able to enhance citizen engagement through seamless navigation, with accessible information on any device.

Services Provided

Web Design WordPress Theme Development Custom WordPress Development Content Management Analysis

Mobile First Optimization

Connecting With Residents At Home, At Work, And On-The-Go

In an increasingly mobile-focused world, developing a website that works on a wide range of devices is crucial. Sarnia's new website is optimized for the way their users primarily access content; mobile. And by adding a new focus on search, visitors can quickly find the information they are looking for, anytime and anywhere.

Mobile Optimized WordPress
Mobile Optimized WordPress

Custom Blocks Built-In

Fast, Flexible, Wordpress building Blocks

We leveraged the included WordPress Gutenberg page-builder to provide a robust set of custom blocks and content for the City of Sarnia's new website. Using these blocks enables them to build out a diverse set of pages with comprehensive multi-level navigation, visual calls to action, and more to share important information about the city with its residents.  

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