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Racer X Mobile

Mobile Website Design

With the dramatic change in the mobile device landscape over the past two years, Racer X was seeing significantly increased mobile traffic from a range new devices. Impulse Studios answered the call with a new mobile website design which included a responsive layout to make the site suitable to both tablet and phone users across devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Android Devices & the Kindle Fire.

Enhanced User Experience

Using the same platform as the desktop site, Impulse Studios was able to totally overhaul the mobile experience, focusing on users & content. The new mobile website features cohesive & simple navigation through the huge amount of content published each day.

A Responsive Mobile Website Design allows for maximum device flexibility

Responsive Design

After studying the traffic metrics, there was a massive diversity in user’s devices. The responsive design allows us to target tablets & phones by tweaking the layout to best suit the screen size.

Enhanced reading experience on mobile devices

Increased Readability

A quality reading experience was paramount in the re-design. Utilizing larger than average fonts, and better spacing provides a top notch reading experience for tablet and phone users while reading articles published on Racer X.

Touch enabled photo galleries

Touch Galleries

Taking advantage of the technologies available in the current generation of mobile phones, Racer X is now equipped with full touch enabled photo galleries. Beautiful high resolution photos can now be interacted with intuitively through swipe gestures like native mobile galleries.

Continued Innovation

Many features of the original website re-design have been carried over into the mobile website. Important and inventive revenue streams such as sponsored content, geo-located dealer ads, and subscription integration have all been included in Racer X’s new mobile site.

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